5 Latest Gaming Accessories of 2016

circle padAlmost everyone belonging to different age group loves to play virtual video and computer games. But while most of the attention is given to the game, little is thought of the way of enhancing this experience with the help of the gaming accessories. These gaming accessories not only maximize the enjoyment of playing games but also enhance its experience by modifying the way in which your games respond. These days the market is full of gaming accessories which claim to do everything you can ever imagine. Therefore in this article, we are going to provide you with the 5 latest gaming accessories of the year 2016 which will serve as a perfect aid for you while playing games.


  1. Sony Play Station 3 Blu-Ray Disc remote

You might be wondering why you should have this separate remote for your games when you could simply use the controller of PS3. But once you have used this unique gaming accessory by Sony PlayStation you will find that this is a wonderfully useful tool which aids in watching movies, browsing the web and even some of the games are compatible along with this accessory.

  1. Circle Pad Pro for Nintendo 3DS

If you are in search of gaining more control when you are playing games on your Nintendo 3DS, then the Circle Pad Pro is that accessory which is going to fulfill your desire right away. The Circle Pad Pro adjoins an extra pad of analog circle to the right-hand side of 3DS, which gives it the appeal and feel of a conventional controller possessing two analog sticks. So now you can enjoy your game smoothly without blaming anyone for those missed points.

  1. Power A – Stylus of GlowFX for Nintendo DS Lite, DS, DSi XL, DSi, 3DS XL and 3DS

Sometimes we cannot achieve the support we want while playing games by a standard stylus. The requirement for an accessory that provides much better control, power and style remain with us. In that case PowerA – GlowFX Stylus comes to your aid and helps you out. This glowing stylus which has the power of customization provides you with a strong grip that you have always wanted. It also gives you with the power for customization of color up to 5 different colors that add unique style to it.

  1. Xbox 360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth

Powerful headsets which are bulky in size are not your choice, and you have been searching for a solution for your multiplayer communication which is light in weight, then with Xbox 360 Wireless Headset your search ends. This one is worth its cost and is a good buy. It possesses an easy, slick and appealing design. It also possesses the facility to be used with any cell phone that has Bluetooth, in case you have created some distance from your game.

  1. CTA Digital Carrying Case for Xbox 360 E / Xbox 360 Slim and Kinect

Sometimes you want to enjoy your gaming experience out of your home while enjoying an outing with your friends. To provide you the comfort and luxury of carrying your game, this digital carrying case is the ideal one for such situation. The case possesses space to hold everything from the gaming console, controllers, Kinect pack and power brick. It can also carry about 4 games which is quite an added advantage for you.